You were the nearest practitioner to me trained in Anatomy Trains Structural Integration.  I had wanted to try the sessions and have felt so much better after them.  The sessions were everything I had hoped for.  Thank you so much.

Client following a 3 Series of Structural Bodywork

Thanks so much for the session last week – I walked out feeling like a Charlie’s Angel which was always one of my ambitions as a nine year old! I felt grown up and activated both of which have been unusual for me. Everyone at yoga this morning commented on how much better I looked. I find myself standing taller and more lightly – thank you so much.

A Grateful Client

Just a short message to thank you again for the recent treatment that you devised for me.  After three visits to your practice, I continue to enjoy a much increased degree of movement in my ankles, legs and feet.  In addition, the abdominal massage has removed the stiffness and I feel more comfortable.  Thank you once again for your skillful care and advice.

A Grateful Client

I started a course of treatment with Ros after many years of back and general joint pain and several years after lumbar surgery, which had only been partially successful in alleviating sciatic nerve damage and its resulting disabling effects.  I started from a slightly more negative than neutral view of complementary medicine because of earlier experiences with other practitioners.  I felt willing to trust Ros because of what I knew of her extensive experience and knowledge in the various fields in which she is qualified to practice.

After only one session my trust began to grow, such that it was possible to progressively release the tensions I had been holding, related to many of the pains in and malfunctioning of my joints and muscles.  Ros puts her whole self into each treatment and to be the subject of such dedicated healing energy, is in itself enabling.  Coupled with specific interventions and exercises, her energy and focus and her careful listening to my descriptions (therefore, her developing understanding of the mechanics) of my particular problems, have led to a gradual increase in freedom of movement.

A Grateful Client

Thank you so much for giving me the ‘three treatment’ course of Structural Bodywork.

Last week on on day, I cleaned the car, swept out the garage and did some gardening.  For years and years after just one job, my back would have seized up and that would have been that for a week.

I have now acquired ‘Stretch to Win’ and am doing the exercises you showed me.

A Medical Doctor