The Rolf Method 10 Series

The first three sessions could be viewed as “opening sessions” in the sense that they free up the outer myofascial layers in order to prepare for the deeper work of sessions 4, 5, 6 and 7.

Session 1 – Freedom to Breathe

The first session is the most general of the ten and begins by freeing the superficial fascia and underlying intercostal muscle strain between the ribs to improve the breathing pattern.  After this, the hips are briefly addressed and the sessions ends with back and neck work.

Session 2 – Finding Support

The second session focuses on the feet and lower legs to improve foot function and proper contact with the ground.  Once this is done, the remainder of the session is spent lengthening the back, usually with the client in a seated position.

Session 3 – Creating Space and Owning Your Place

The third session works along the lateral aspect (sides) of the torso, including the shoulder girdle, ribcage, mid and lower back, lateral abdominal muscles, gluteal region and hip joint to improve the relationship between the hips and shoulders.

Session 4 – Finding Your Core, Connecting Earth to Sky

The fourth session works with the adductor muscles (the muscles on the insides of the legs) and the medial aspect (inside) of the lower legs to help establish a more efficient gait.  If there is time left, work on the larger back muscles may follow.

Session 5 – Activating The Core

Session five focuses on the costal arch, abdominal region and hip flexors (iliopsoas group) to initiate proper forward leftest movement.  A stilted or penguin-like walking pattern is a clear sign that the hip flexors are not functioning properly.  This is perhaps the most key session of the series and a turning point for many.

Session 6 – Freeing the Spine

This session covers the dorsal (back) side of the body from the feet to the base of the neck with emphasis given to the lateral rotators – those buttock muscles responsible for turning our legs outward.  For many clients, this session marks the beginning of a new understanding of their bodies and how to manage them.

Session 7 – Getting the Head on Straight

The seventh session concentrates on the thoracic outlet (neck, shoulders and head).  Now that we’ve established relative balance in the rest of the body, we are ready to bring the head into alignment with the other parts – something we would not have been able to do previously.

Session 8 and 9 – Putting it all Back Together and Integration

These two sessions work in tandem to bring all of the work done previously into harmony.  Typically, one session will focus on either the upper body or lower half of the body, while the following session is directed towards the other half.  The goal here is to ensure that the body segments are working together smoothly.

Session 10 – Closure

This is the closure session.  Any areas still needing attention will be addressed here to complete the series and create a uniform whole.